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So, how does this work? (and other burning questions)

Q. So, how?
Twibberish is like the children's game—Grapevine, Telephone, Telegraph, Operator, Whisper Down the Lane, Pass It Down, Chinese Whispers, Russian Gossip—in which players whisper a phrase to their neighbour, who then passes on the message to the next player, until it reaches the player at the end of the line. The final message will bear little or no resemblance to the original, because of the cumulative effect of mistakes along the line. Similarly, Twibberish takes your typed tweet and randomly translates it into another language, then translates that translation again, through as many languages as you select, until it reaches the end.
Q. Will the result always be the same for the same starting tweet?
No (or maybe). The order of translations is random, but if you start with a small enough tweet, it's possible it may be translated successfully all the way through. It's also possible that the phrase translates well across multiple languages and the result isn't very different (or funny). In that case, tweet something else (or make sure it's funny to begin with).
Q. What if I don't like the final message?
Click try again and your original tweet will be translated again, or type a new tweet and click try again. You'll figure it out.
Q. My final twibber isn't in the language I expected, or it seems to be stuck after just a few translations, or something is wrong...
Fortunately lives don't depend on this. Sometimes there's a glitch in the translation process, especially if new languages have been recently added. If it seems really stuck, just reload the page (you might want to copy your tweet first to save having to type it again). If that doesn't work, try logging out and back in again. If that doesn't fix the problem, then the internet is busted.
Q. Is my Twitter login information secure?
Yes. Twibberish uses Twitter for your login, which is now the recommended way to log in from a third-party application. Twitter has joined the ranks of other companies such as Yahoo, Netflix, and Google in an effort to protect your account credentials.
We don't have access to your password. Twibberish saves your public username along with your original tweet and the resulting twibber, so that users can look up the original tweet to see what you really meant.
Q. This seems kinda stupid and pointless.
That's not a question.
Q. Can I follow you on Twitter?
Of course.